Pellete Stove Mirage MS17

Pellete Stove Mirage MS17

Pellet Stove MS17

Our stove MS17 with it's outlook can match your interior.
The shell of granite tiles improves the look of the stove and gives cosyness and individuality of this heating appliance.
Tiles can be changed easily at any time to match the changes of your interior.

Technical data:

Maximal power      17  kW
Minimal power  4.8 kW
Output of the heat exchanger  15 kW
Radiated heating    2 kW
Heated area  120 sq.m.
Efficiency 94.0%
 Temperature of flue gas
- at maximal power
- at minimal power
 Fuel consumption  0.9 - 3.5 kg  
Capacity of fuel tank   22kg 
Volume of heat exchaner  27L 
Pump and expansion vessel  25/4 - 5L
Fresh Air intake  48mm
Flue gas diameter   80 mm
Dimensions  L/W/H  560/610/1040+70 mm
Weight ( own / with tiles and water)  170 / 220 kg

Tiles used - standard tiles 60x30 cm - 8 tiles per stove.

Examples of appearance



tiles: B-9371
         B9110s       B9087s
           B8322s         B1000s